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Mobile Phone Tools 5.0 #89218 - Motorola W230a

Mobile Wireless accessories | Motorola W230a Cell Phone Accessories

Motorola 89218/ 89218N, Mobile Phone Tools Version 5.0 with Mini-USB and Micro data cables fits most modern Motorola cell phone models with the Motorola Factory original data cables and software CD ROM.
  • Motorola 89218/ 89218N data kit assures that you Never lose your data if you lose your Motorola cell phone!
  • Motorola 89218/ 89218N data kit transfers and stores all your cell phone numbers on your computer.
  • With just one click, Synchronize all your Motorola cell phone contacts, calendar and tasks. Choose from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes or the built-in Motorola Phone Tools phone book and calendar client. The intuitive synchronization wizard guides you through the process of updating your calendar and cell phonebook and provides a backup on your computer.
  • Personalize with Ringtones, Images and Videos, even Transfer and store pictures taken with your cell phone camera to your computer (if enabled inside your specific cell phone model). Never have to worry about filling up your cell phone memory again! Take as many pictures as you please and store them all on your computer. Personalize your cell phone by creating your own ringtones and adding personal pictures or videos to your Motorola cell phone.
  • Messaging made easier, with the ability to Send text messages from your computer keyboard for greater speed and simplicity. No more struggling with the tiny cell phone keypad as you type that SMS message.
  • Use your Motorola cell phone as an Internet modem, when the Internet connection is provided by your local Cellular system operator (subscription required). Look up important information on the go when you need it the most. Connect your laptop to the Internet using your Motorola cell phone as a modem, virtually anytime, anywhere, even at the airport, or while you wait in your car.
  • USB compatible Mobile Phone Tools version 5.0 Includes: BOTH the SKN6371 EMU Mini-USB data cable, the SKN6238 Micro-USB data cable, PLUS the SVN6079AA software. PC drivers included for Motorola cell phone models Moto Q9h/ RAZR2 V8/ RAZR2 V9/ V9m Micro-USB Models and RAZR V3/ Maxx VE/ V3xx (and others) Mini-USB EMU phone models by Motorola.
  • Mobile Phone Tools version 5.0 Minimum Requirements: Windows 2000, XP or Vista, 500 MHz or faster processor, 128MB of RAM, local hard drive with 120MB free space, Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and compatible Motorola Phone.
  • Motorola one year factory warranty applies.

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