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pink carbon fiber Sticker - CELL SKIN for Kyocera KX13

Cellular phone accessories | Kyocera KX13 Sticker - CELL SKIN

Sticker for Kyocera KX13

  • pink carbon fiber Sticker - CELL SKIN for Kyocera KX13
  • Add style to your cell phone!
  • Scratch resistant protection!
  • Package includes cellet Skin for front, battery door, inside flip, and keypad; LcD screen protectors are also included.
  • Instructions:
  • 1. Peel clear top sticker along with the cellet Skin, separating it from the white backing paper.
  • 2. Find a point of reference to line up with tiny hole or key button.
  • 3. Progressively rub side to side to the other extreme of the cellet Skin. Be careful and avoid trapping air.
  • 4. After completing step three, rub through and then remove the clear top layout carefully.
  • Sticker is non refundable once opened.
  • Only for Kyocera KX13 - one sticker per package

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